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International Recognition- Logimizer
Optimize your Shipment, Maximize your Profit

Freight Forwarding is a "short-cycle-time" business in Hong Kong with factors such as time constraint, accuracy and profit margin to be considered as the critical points of success. In the current practice, most freight forwarders are still relying on human expertise in some calculations such as cargo loading plans to fit schedules and optimization of space utilization, all of these are the major concerns particularly when large amount of cargos and pallets are involved in a single shipment. This invention addresses this problem through an AI-based heuristics mechanism with controlled iterative operations, thereby optimizing the cargo loading plan to cope with available flight schedules as well as providing solution options for freight forwarders.

The invention aimed at enhancing the airfreight forwarding operations through the process of iterative optimization. An innovative technology coined as Heuristics Iterative Reasoning Technology (HIRT) has been successfully evolved, featuring the capability of continuous refinement related to the correct mix of cargoes with suitable containers, taking into consideration of different constraints such as shape, size, weights and schedules.

The innovative HIRT technology is embedded into a logistics optimization product called Logimizer, which provides unique functions such as the selection of appropriate ULD (Unit Load Device) and maximization of profits by allocating optimal number of cargoes in each shipment. This is an open-sourced system, allowing customization to support smooth integration with external commercial logistics applications via format-independent standards such as XML.

  • The invention has been awarded with a Silver Medal, the 33rd International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products, Geneva (April 2005).
  • A patent application has been granted. (Patent No.: HK1067934)

International Recognition - SimLogistics

SimLogistics is a web-based simulation game to provide students with interest-based environment to plan the route of each vehicle. Players need to make profit from the trading transaction during the given game days. For optimizing the profit, players need to plan the route of their vehicle with consideration such as the loading weight of vehicle, the status of transportation network, and the loading and unloading tactics, analyzing the information of special events.

SimLogistics can inherent the pass history and revamp it to up-to-date ever-changing working environment. Through the proposed web-based application, students can learn how to plan the route of each vehicle with consideration such as the loading weight of vehicle, status transportation network, loading and unloading tactic, etc. It provides two levels focusing on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. UG level focusing on generic approach of fleet management involving vehicle planning with ad hoc event handling and cost optimization. PG level will focus on handling multiple vehicles, inter-modal planning and real-time vehicles re-allocation with profit optimization exercise together with modules in UG level.

  • The invention has been awarded with a Bronze Medal, the 16th China National Inventions Expo (Sept 2006).
  • A patent application has been granted. (Patent No.: HK1080275)

International Recognition - SimEnterprise

SimEnterprise is game developed by Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It aims to provide a simulated business environment for the students or professionals to learn and consolidate their MRP / ERP knowledge. It is an educational simulation game for learning enterprise systems. It provides the necessary overview and details along with examples as it leads you through the steps of establishing and operating an enterprise using SimEnterprise.

Participants can be regarded themselves as Trading Executives in a Small & Medium Enterprise (SME). The provided game trading platform can allow participants to create and consolidate their wealth. In the world of SimEnterprise, participants' aim is to become a successful Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, thus proving their ability to oversee the company operations.

SimEnterprise simulated a real world business-to-business environment. Users perform the role as trading firms to do businesses with partners íV Suppliers and Customers. They can seek each others through the business directory in the SimMarketplace, which is also responsible for transaction monitoring for all the business done in this simulated environment.

  • SimEnterprise has received the Faculty Team Award in Teaching (FENG) by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2004/2005).
  • A patent application has been granted. (Patent No.: HK1082374)

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