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Students are normally required to complete 5 compulsory subjects in the first two semesters in the first year and a dissertation plus 2 electives or a field trip study (ISE550) plus 4 elective subjects in the two semesters in the second year. Each subject carries 3 credits with the exception of the dissertation which because of its nature and the amount of effort involved carries 9 credits. A student must accumulate a total of 30 credits that include a dissertation for the award of a Master's degree.

To meet the challenge of worldwide manufacturing competition, it is important that our students should understand what information technologies can contribute in the effective utilization of resources and in the creation of systems that produce these products and services. In the ILS award, new and existing subjects are arranged as compulsory and recommended non-compulsory (elective) as follows

Subject Coordinator List

Compulsory Subjects

Elective Subjects

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