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Global Operations and Logistics Management (ISE525)
Manufacturing companies are required to produce products in small batch sizes and short lead times to remain competitive so as to meet customers' expectations of variety. Accordingly, knowledge of production economics in the context of international operations is necessary for executives and engineers involved in resources management and hence "Global Operations and Logistics Management" is created in the curriculum. This subject provides students with the concepts, methodologies and the case studies in process planning,, subcontracting, material planning, purchasing, storage, retrieval, making, assembling, quality assurance, packing and shipping.

Enterprise Resources Planning (ISE526)
Enterprise resources planning is modern technology that has been developed to schedule enterprise resources in the fulfillment of customer orders. The subject is important to knowledge workers and accordingly, this is the reason why "Enterprise Resources Planning" has been created as a compulsory subject in the curriculum. It provides students with an understanding of various concepts in using information systems as tools for planning purposes. It will also give students the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in synchronous production.

Logistics Information Systems (ISE527)
Personnel working in production logistics need to be able to apply the typical information management tools in order to discharge their duties effectively. In addition, they need to be able to recognise their advantages and limitations in practical circumstances. It is wit this in mind that the compulsory subject "Logistics Information Systems" has been introduced. This subject includes introduction and application of various information systems as applied on the Internet. The emphasis will be on business models, information systems development, methodologies and tools. The concepts behind web-based workflow management and problems associated with implementation will be explained in the context of organizing data and information, co-designing database schemas and applying database management techniques.

Warehousing & Materials Handling Systems (ISE512)
"Warehousing & Materials Handling Systems" is aimed to provide students with the methods and tools necessary for the design and management of warehousing and material handling systems. In particular, this subject emphasizes on the application of industrial engineering, computer systems as well as health and safety aspects in warehousing and material handling of various types of products. On completion students will be able to both analyse existing systems and recommend improvement to them and to conduct an investigation in order to recommend what equipment and system should be installed in a new situation.

Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (ISE544)
Different techniques can be applied to solve traditional logistics and supply chain process problems. The subject is aimed to provide the student with knowledge in applying latest business technology for logistics and supply chain systems in the running of their business activities to enable efficient information capturing, processing and exchanges among various business entities in today’s supply chain and logistics environment. It integrates the business technology with existing logistics infrastructure to form a more effective system.

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