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John Tsui

The program, MSc in Industrial Logistics Systems, provided me a great insight in logistics fields and applications.  In addition, the subjects are quite equivalent to the actual environment.  Im now better equipped for my future career and can create a great network.
Loretta Cheung

This course gives me a lot of learning experience than my expectations. It is not simply to tell you how to improve business management skills, but found that logistics can contribute the entire supply chain to improve competitiveness. It completely changed my mind about the logistics.
Sandy Yau

MSc in Industrial Logistics Systems is a combination of both practical values and theoretical knowledge. With the interdisciplinary learning experience, I can bridge the gap between school education and business application. Thank you for the enthusiastic teaching and technical support providing me valuable learning experience and joyful school life.
Dario Roveri
Inventory and Manufacturing accountant at Hexion Specialty Chemicals

This Master degree helps students to enhance their management skills while it also clarifies a lot of aspects related to the business environment of manufacturers as well as logistics providers. Having been an international student, the MSc in Industrial Logistics Systems helped me to create and develop my professional network, which is vital for the successful prosecution of my career in Hong Kong.
Ye Zhen Yu Chris

In ILS programme, the professional courses provide me a different angle to read the modern logistics; both the excellent study environment and classmates in various professionals widen my view in my career and study. What is more, subjects with useful and meaningful knowledge, such as risk and crisis management, do drive me having a special perspective and critical thinking in my future career.
Reg Lie

The course enabled me to broaden my views and understand the logistics process from different angles. As a result, I am now better equipped to introduce flexible and cost-savings logistics solutions to my clients.

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