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Subject: ISE550 Contemporary Logistics Issues in China





Academic Collaboration: Beijing Jiaotong University





IMG_0015 IMG_0025 ISE 550 Team Pic  Oct 10 08


Hong Kong International Airport


Hongguoyuan Hotel of Beijing Jiaotong University 


Beijing Jiaotong University







P1010059 P1010061 P1010139


National Key Demonstrated Teaching Center of Traffic and Transportation (Beijing Jiaotong University)


Beijing Distribution Center of Jiuzhoutong medicine Group (Daxing District)


Jisheng Logistics Base, China Railway Express Co. (Daxing District)






DSC03060 P1020156 P1020152


The senior management of Jisheng Logistics Base briefed the daily operation and the development of logistics in Beijing.


A welcome dinner was arranged to greet PolyU students and teachers for networking purpose.



Students attended the seminar conducted by the professor of Beijing Jiaotong University.


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